RGBtrade is an online marketplace for a sustainable lifestyle.





1.Cooperate by forming circles of persons or companies who produce and reduce. This is easiest if you take back your own products and you make sure you only use compostable or recyclable materials. You may offer the product for Green that way, not for Blue. Try to reduce the required amount of energy to make the product or service available for less Red. This means we can do more with less.
Anything you do, is your own responsibility. Do not blame other participants or the developers of this website. Learn from your mistakes and do with it, what needs to be done.
Participants are aware that using force on people, animals or even plants is unbalanced behaviour and leads to unnatural, sub-optimal results. Participants and their fellow workers, their plants and animals have their own responsibilities or unique, innate balances. The trick is to recognise balanced behaviour and let each player go with the flow.
Values are determined in the RGB-value scale.
  • Red represents energy. 1 Red represents the energy in 100 gram sunflower oil.
  • Green represents material that can and will be recycled. 1 Green is 100 gram.
  • Blue represents material that cannot or will not be recycled within our system, i.e. by a participant. 1 Blue is 100 gram.
Every product or service has a value for Red, Green and Blue of 0 or larger. Trading parties should be realistic about the values when establishing or negotiating prices. The most important thing when it comes to pricing is to put it under the right combination of colours.
All information but your email address - and your password of course - is publicly available through the website. Email addresses are not shown to avoid spam. Participants who are logged in can send messages by email through the contact form. In doing so, you reveal your email address to the recipient. Backup-databases do contain all information. Backups can or will be offered to participants in order to guarantee the continuity of the project.