RGBtrade is an online marketplace for a sustainable lifestyle.


Wecome toRGBtrade

This is an online marketplace with built in payment system, based and inspired upon nature itself.
Other kind of money.
What makes this RGB-moneysystem so special is that the "environmental" value has been built into the price itself. There are lots of complex calculations to show the sustainability of products, such as kg CO2, the ecological footprint and the tons of waste. All of these are used within a unique discovery: the RGB-moneysystem. You are free to use this money, make it and spend it using the online trading and payment system on this website. All ads and transactions are completely transparent to avoid abuse and exuberant saving using social control.
Trade and cooperate
On this website you can meet and contact suppliers of delicious organic vegetables and fruits from your area. Small amateur growers can offer their surplusses without profit aim. In the future, clothing and art may be offered here. Second-hand products are all over the place. This site also offers the possibility to sell your waste products for reuse. This way we close natural cycles and we hope to balance our lifestyles in an economical and ecological sense.
Register and advertise
All you need to do is to register and place and read ads. Or browse through the list of suppliers and their transaction histories. This is our way to the balance of nature.
This system is currently under development, but is also already open for usage. Bugs will be fixed by the staff of programmers from rgbtrade.org.
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More documentation is available at kleureneconomie.nl. You may also read the conditions.